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DOT and Non-DOT

DOT and NON-DOT Physical Exams

As specialists in the field of occupational medicine, The Work Clinic performs a variety of physical examinations related to employment and the workplace:

Pre-Placement Physicals determines whether applicants/employees are medically and physically able to perform their roles  and  to establish a medical baseline for employees in accordance with the appropriate regulatory agency (DOT, OSHA, etc.),   The Work Clinic perform periodic medical monitoring when indicated .  

Fitness-For-Duty Examinations confirms  that employees can perform their job duties upon return from medical leave and to establish baseline medical information as part of company's health and wellness initiatives.

Individuals being evaluated for hire or placement are not required to divulge past medical problems to a prospective employer. In fact, employers cannot ask questions that may reveal past or current disabilities and/or impairments. A medical provider, however, may inquire about past medical and/or physical conditions. For that reason, a physical examination should be an integral part of the hiring process.

The Work Clinic will carefully review the patient's medical and occupational history before proceeding with the physical examination.  The Work Clinic will perform a thorough medical examination. The Work Clinic can also perform additional testing such as

X-ray services
Audiometric testing
Laboratory testing
Pulmonary fit testing.

The Work Clinic, Arnold Medical Pavilion,1221 Madison Street, Suite 918, Seattle, Washington, 98104

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