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The Work Clinic

Work Injuries

The Work Clinic defines primary injury care as treating non-emergency injuries sustained at work. Typical examples include cuts and bruises, exposure to chemicals or blood-borne pathogens, back injuries from falls or lifting, abrasions of foreign bodies in the eyes, and sprains of fingers, ankles, and other joints.

We are able to:

  • Assess and triage the injury
  • Question the patient to learn how the injury occurred, the medical history of the individual, and other important information
  • Counsel the patient on next steps and what to expect, in accordance with our treatment philosophy that encourages continued activity, modified duty, and early return-to-work
  • Direct the patient to return to work

The Work Clinic’s focus on quality medicine and rapid treatment progression has proven to be highly effective in restoring health of the injured while reducing overall costs for employers.